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In The Name of Most Merciful, Most Bountiful Allah


It is the greatest kindness of Allah who has blessed us with a true spiritual guide like His Majesty Sayedina Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi (May He live long) for our guidance whose influential sight (glance) brought a spiritual revolution in the lives of thousand youngsters like us. Lucky are those people whose hearts have got engaged in the whole time remembrance of Allah and the very same is the precious treasure of this life and the hereafter which is, indeed, not only the source of being forgiven for us but also the source of the recognition of Allah. Owing to very this factor one is awarded with the supreme rankings of being Fana Fi-l-sheikh (absorbed in love for Spiritual Guide), Fana Fil-Ghous (absorbed in love for Ghous), Fana Fil-Rasool PBUH (absorbed in love for Prophet PBUH) and Fana Fillah (absorbed in love for Allah).

Every member of Anjuman is always keen on listening to the saying of His Holiness Sarkar Shah Sahib. This section of web site deals with the effort of recording those addresses, questions and answers or discussion which were delivered in conferences and spiritual sittings by His Holiness on different occasions with the seekers of right path. May Allah SWT remunerate a lot those who assisted in its compilation and editing. The organization is thankful to those from the core of heart in this regard. It is being expected that the seekers of right path in particular and common run of mankind in general shall benefit completely with these spiritual sayings. May Allah SWT recognize our effort! Amin            Al-Markaz-e-Rohani Kotri, District Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan