His Majesty Sayedina Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi
(May He live long)


Misfortune of the time where youth class has gone unacquainted of religion. And the irony (of youth) went on multiplication for denial of spiritualism, enmity for religious savants and distrustfulness on spiritual guides. The youth, merely could not be blamed for that. On the contrary they neither could observe that particular act among most of the religious savants nor witness that specific luminosity among most of the spiritual guides, the stories and miracles of whom they had been studying in books, there appended two to each line such that some religious savants possessing just apparent knowledge and so-called saints did characterized those miracles baseless and impossible, but reality is standing on the other side. There exist not only 360 friends of Allah /saints all the time in every age but remain entirely busy in serving human beings, just because of them the world is in standing flourishing state. It is a flaw of our sight exclusively.
Thousands of believers of Allah are still present there in spiritualism at the moment, and most of them are pure of their hearts, but that formula is not so widespread. There are still Zā΄kīr-e-Qal΄bi, Zā΄kīr-e-Rooh΄i, Zā΄kīr-e-Sūltānī, and Zā΄kīr-Qūrbānī busy with us in daily affairs in this saturated world but we dont have any awareness, we have started this chain of preaching and spiritualism to recognize these particularities and to make this formula common. May Allah help and support us and accept this effort (attempted) by us.

Chairman Sarfrosh Publications Pakistan

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