Without doubt, in the remembrence of Allah, do hearts find satisfaction.



This book was written after collection of the experiences of hundreds of people. Those experiences combined, were revelations of the tombs of Saints, observation of objects, contemplation of the heart, spirit and soul. The contemplation of jinn's and spirits and the experiences of having the hearts -ignited and vibrating with the remembrance of Almighty Allah. Individual and independent proclamation by each and every Lataif (invisible spirit) of the remembrance of Almighty Allah, at their respective places and the meditation and contemplation that followed. The research in order to find the evidence from the Holy Quran, prophetic traditions and treatises written by Saints.

In order that Almighty Allah's creation would recognize the phenomena of this esoteric divine doctrine and receive this spiritual benevolence this task was carried out. Furthermore in order to propagate the teachings of this religious order an organization came into existence in 1980.

Goher Shahi

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