The secret lying behind the human images on the Sun and the Moon
The images are found on photographs taken by NASA and other reputed organizations


His Holiness R. A. Gohar Shahi
This book is worthy of study and investigation by all religions,
all sects and all peoples and it presents a challenge to those who reject spirituality

First Edition January 2000
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First Edition published in the United States with the joint co-operation of
R.A.G.S International London, the American Sufi Institute and the
All-Faith Spiritual Movement Northern Ireland.
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This is the Gohar Shahi, who for the love of God spent three years in a spiritual retreat in the mountains of Sehwan Sharif and in the jungle of Laal Bagh. He abandoned the material world to find God and only left the jungle and returned to the world after being commanded by God. He has turned the hearts of thousands of people towards the memorization and love of God. People of all religions have invited Gohar Shahi to Mosques, Temples and Churches to speak and to receive his grace in the form of Qalb “heart” meditation.

Countless individuals have turned away fromsinning and have turned towards God. Countless incurable patients are cured as a result of his spiritual healing. Then God manifested his (Gohar Shahi) face on the moon, then his facial image appeared on the sacred Black Stone in Mecca, and he became very well known around the world.

Short sighted religious clergy and mullahs and those who bear animosity towards Saints and begrudging Muslims, all dislike this individual. These people further, read parts of his books out of context and on this basis, accused him of blasphemy and made him the subject of compulsory death sentences. A petrol bomb was thrown in his house in Manchester, England. At his home in Kotri, Pakistan there was a hand grenade attack during his audience. There is a very heavy price on his head and in Pakistan he is the subject of entrapment and five serious, but false allegations and cases were instigated against him. Due to Nawaz Sharif the provincial government of Sindh also became involved. Biased journalism defamed him on a large scale. Eventually after many investigations and hearings the courts dismissed all the cases against him declaring the charges as false and bogus, and God continued to protect his friend (Gohar Shahi) from all harm.



After the appearance of the facial images of Gohar Shahi on the Sun, the Moon, the Black Stone, the Shiv Temple and other places many Muslims and non-Muslims feel and believe that this man is the awaited Mehdi, the Kalki Avatar and Messiah, who is mentioned in the books of all the religions.
Let us attempt to examine and understand this individual by the research and study of his writings and in particular this book, to see if we are able to recognize him. You can also contact us if you wish to continue with your investigation.

Zahid Gulzar



The religions that exist as a result of the Heavenly Books are proper as long as the Scriptures have not been altered.

Religions are like boats and Scholars are like oars, if either one is defective then it becomes difficult to reach the destination.

However Saints do take even the damaged “boats” (people) to the shore. It is for this reason that incomplete and broken people gather around Saints.

The love of God is superior to religion and it is the essence of all religions. Whereas the light of God is the guiding and illuminating lantern of the path.

There are four parts of knowledge. Three parts are of the apparent, the “seen” and one part is of the hidden, (the spiritual) which was spread by Khidr (Vishnu Maharaj).

It is only the love of God that is the way to getting closer to God. The Dogs are better than an individual’s heart that is empty of God, as dogs love their master and it is because of that love that they achieve the closeness and favour of their master. Otherwise an “unclean” dog and a divinely ordained human being cannot be compared.

If you desire paradise, the pure maidens and palaces in it then worship abundantly: so as to reach the highest of heavens.

If you are searching for God then you must learn spirituality also, so that whilst remaining on the straight and guided path you arrive at the essence of God and achieve the union with God.

R.A.Gohar Shahi


An introduction to this book

1. If you follow a religion but are devoid of the Love of God, then those that do not follow a religion but have the love of God are better.

2. Love is connected to the heart. When the Name of God Allah is synchronized with the heartbeat, it then travels through the blood to all the veins, reaches the spirits and awakens them. Then the spirits are rejuvenated and go into the Love of God.

3. Any Name of God in any language is worthy of respect but the original Name of God in the Semitic language is Allah. This (Semitic) is the language of the celestial entities. It is by this Name that the angels call upon God and it is attached to the Title of every Prophet.

4. Any individual who is sincerely searching for God, on land or in the sea is also worthy of respect.

5. Many Adams came into this world, at the same time and in different places. All the Adams were made in the world with clay from this world except the last Adam who is buried in Arabia. He was the only one made in paradise with clay which was also from paradise. With the exception of this Adam the angels did not bow down before any other Adam. Satan became the enemy of the descendants of this Adam.

6. There are seven types of entities in the human body. These are connected to different celestial spheres. They are connected to different heavens and are further connected with different functions within the human body. If these entities are strengthened with light they then resemble the person they are in and travel to many places at the same time. They can travel to the gatherings of Saints and Prophets and even talk to God and see God.

7. Every human being has two religions. The first is the religion of the body which ceases to exist after death. The second is the religion of the soul, which has existed since the beginning of time, the Love of God. It is by this religion that a human being is exalted.

8. Superior to all the religions is the Love of God and superior to all types of worship is seeing God.

9. For information pertaining to the origin of man, the animal, plant and natural world.

10. What type of entities existed before the command of God “Be.” Who is the dog that was exalted as Hazrat Qutmeer and will go to paradise? Who are those people who affirmed their faith at the beginning of time?


Who is that person whose secret (reality) cannot be found in this book?
For information and research you must read this book.

Any material that appears from any source or on any website, in addition to the text, information and verified material on this site is not connected to the All-faith Spiritual Movement and to His Holiness Gohar Shahi.

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